Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wick - Hydroponics Method

Wick - Hydroponics

Wick is another simple form of Hydroponics. This form of Hydroponics can be built from two buckets, nutrient solution, wick (cotton rope), vermiculite, perlite, and the plant/seeds such as lettuce. This method is really good for growing lettuce outdoors. Anyone can build this contraption. Essentially the nutrient solution is being "wicked" up from the bucket holding the nutrient solution, to the bucket on top that holds the vermiculite/perlite combination, and seeds/plants. That is all there is to this method. It is that simple.

Check out a quick how to on this method here:
Simple Wick Hydroponics Setup

Wick Advantages:

  • Easy to create/understand
  • Very cheap
  • Made from readily available components
  • Can use more than just a vermiculite/perlite combination. You can use a variety of growing mediums for this, but be mindful of how they will help/hurt your plant
  • This system has very low maintenance
  • Lots of oxygen

Wick Disadvantages:

  • This system cannot support larger plants, or large amounts of plants per site. This is because of the nature of wick. You can only pull the nutrient solution as fast as the "wick" allows
  • Slower growth than other Hydroponics systems
  • Not very much room for improvement 

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