Sunday, February 5, 2017

Outdoor hydroponics

I apologize on how long it has been since I have stopped to make a post.

Last year (2016) season I decided to try something new. I went ahead and started growing some tomatoes, peppers, lemon basil, lime basil and lettuce outside.

I took 2 of the black and yellow 27 gallon totes from home depot, bought airstones and aerator from amazon. I cut 6 four inch holes in the top of the totes, then placed the plants in. I had 10 total plants (I used 1 open hole in the top to check water levels, ecc, pH, etc.

The tomatoes grew to 12+ feet, the peppers over 6, and the lemon basil was amazing as usual.

I want to just say that I explained what I was doing to two different people at two disparate hydro shops, both of which said it is impossible to grow hydroponically outdoors.

This is incorrect. Maybe what they were growing is impossible to grow outdoors for legality reasons, or who knows, maybe they just always had that thought. It is incorrect. You can absolutely grow hydroponically out doors. Also, I am expanding my outdoor hydroponics garden this year. I am going from 10 sites, to 30. I am going to do those 10 DWC sites as well as an additional 18 dutch buckets.

I will create DIY sections for each of the projects. Depending on funds, I may make an Ebb and Flow rail system this year as well which would be an additional 30+ sites.

We will see.

I have my tomatoes, and pepper seeds started as well in preparation for the buckets! I am super excited for this growing year and I hope you are as well!

More to follow!


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